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Buck Canyon Gardens is located on forty wooded acres in the beautiful Illinois Valley of southern Oregon.  Buck Canyon Gardens grew out of our own gardening experiences.  We have grown various perennials over the years; but peonies, daylilies, and iris are what we find most rewarding.  We offer our customers the tried and true as well as exciting new introductions. 

What is unique and magical about Buck Canyon Gardens is its woodland setting and the many wild azaleas that grow here. They are in full bloom during our annual Peony & Iris Show.  Mendenhall Creek also greets our guests and provides a lovely soothing sound as it tumbles over the moss-covered rocks.

The tranquil woodland setting is the perfect backdrop for an ever-increasing riot of garden color that bursts into bloom each year.  The azaleas perfume the air with their rare captivating fragrance as guests stroll leisurely through the garden; while enjoying the peonies, iris, and the small touches of whimsy found here and there.

All work in the garden and during the peony show is done by family and friends. We believe that our first home was a garden, and all who enter this garden are home.

Ed & Karen Goodrich

image wild azaleas, peonies, Medenhall Creek.

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