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    History of Intersectional or Itoh peonies .

BartzellaPeony 'Bartzella'

Intersectional peonies were first hybridized by a breeder in Tokyo, Japan named Toichi Itoh.  His amazing effort involving, according to one author, about 20,000 crosses, resulted in successfully crossing a hybrid tree peony with an herbaceous peony.  Unfortunately Mr. Itoh died in 1956 before he saw the results of his crosses.

  An American horticulturist named Louis Smirnow rescued and imported four of the seedlings; with the permission of Mr. Itoh’s widow.  They were: ‘Yellow Crown’, “Yellow Dream’, ‘Yellow Emperor’, and ‘Yellow Heaven’. 

  The intersectional or Itoh peony has the herbaceous foliage habit of the lactiflora group, that die back to the ground each fall, but they have inherited the finely cut foliage and large diameter, vibrantly colored, flowers of the tree peony. 

  There has been much work done in the breeding of intersectional peonies.  Don Hollingsworth introduced’ Garden Treasure’ in 1984.  Roger Anderson introduced ‘Bartzella’ in 1986.  Bartzella has been received with much interest and is a highly sought after garden plant.  ‘Bartzella’ and ‘Garden Treasure’ have both been American Peony Society gold medal winners. View full Peony Catalog or browse other Intersectional peonies.

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