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 Peony Fragrance .



Generally speaking double peonies are more fragrant than singles.  Pinks and whites tend to be more fragrant than the reds, but there are of course exceptions. 

Peonies have been described as having an old rose scent, some report  no scent at all, some have reported a lemon scent and others describe a spicy scent.  Very little has been written on the subject of peony fragrance because it is so subjective.

 At our "Peony & Iris Show" we asked our guests to complete a fragrance survey.  The following peonies were found to be the most pleasantly fragrant to most people, Angel Cheeks, Edulis Superba, Festiva Maxima, La Perle,  Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Raspberry Sundae, Sarah Bernhardt, Solange, and White Cap.

Angel Cheeks Angel Cheeks Raspberry Sundae Raspberry Sundae
Edulis Superba Edulis Superba Sarah Bernhardt  Sarah Bernhardt 
Festiva Maxima Festiva Maxima Solange Solange 
La Perle La Perle  White Cap
Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt,    

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