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    Why Peonies Don't Bloom .    


Peonies are normally a trouble free, low maintenance, perennial.  However, sometimes problems do occur especially in younger plants. We have included the following list for your information, and hope you find it helpful.

They are planted too deeply. If the eyes are more than two inches below the soil line raise them to the proper depth.

Plants are young and immature-let them develop.

Large clumps were planted without proper division. Dig, divide into standard divisions (3-5 EYES), and replant.

Buds were killed by late frosts. No remedy, but they will flower next year.

Buds killed by disease such as botrytis, a noticeable gray mold-spray with fungicide.

Buds attacked by thrips, they open partially and turn brown -spray with insecticide.

Buds are water-logged, turn brown, and refuse to open-avoid overhead watering during bud stage.

Plants are crowded and undernourished. Fertilize for added strength, may need division.

The soil is too dry during spring growth cycle-water deeply to the bottom of the roots during dry spells.

Plants are undermined by moles. If there is any mole activity nearby, plants may drop into hole and become buried too deeply. Check plants and reset to proper depth.

Excessively hot weather during bud development. Late doubles often fail for this reason. No remedy, plant early and mid-season varieties for better show.

Planted too near trees and shrubs. Plants may become weakened and crowded out by large root competition.

Too much shade. Plants need sun for flower development. In the shade they become tall and leafy but fail to bloom-Move to sunnier location.

Plants have been moved and divided too often. Fertilize and let them recover. Plants should not be divided unless absolutely necessary. Peonies do not need to be divided on a regular basis.

Too much nitrogen fertilizer. Use fertilizer with low nitrogen, such as 5-10-10, Too much nitrogen produces foliage growth with few flowers.

Disease-Plant appears scorched, leaves are curled and blotched, spray with fungicide and if plant does not recover-dig and destroy. Do not plant another peony in the same location.

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